Hardscaping Progress at Waterfront Residence

We have been working hard at this tranquil waterfront home on an installation that will take full advantage of its sea side location.  These photos were taken during hardscape installation, the first step before we can start planting.

The “sail” inspired layout gently mitigates the dropping grade from the house to the water.


Here you see full range color, natural cleft bluestone laid in two different patterns.  The upper “dining terrace” is laid in an ashlar pattern.

The lower walkway and waterside terrace are laid in a completely unique deck-board inspired pattern.  Something we have never seen done before!

Using narrow strips of like-colored bluestone, we have taken inspiration from the patterning of traditionally used wood docks and created an updated, upscale “modern deck”.  These photos were taken during our initial layout.  There is no mortar below or grout between the stones yet, but the pattern is taking shape.


This project is moving quickly, so stay tuned for more progress shots soon…