Pacific Tranquility

Creating a beautiful outdoor space is admittedly a little easier with the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop. The goal of preserving the natural landscape and highlighting its features was paramount while adding functional outdoor entertaining amenities such as lounge furniture, fire tables, and a tree house viewing deck. IMG_1895

Modern Suburban Retreat

Were happy to share photos our NEWLY COMPLETED modern backyard transformation! It was a blast turning this formerly tired landscape into a backyard retreat.  The goal was to create a true indoor-outdoor living space, that extended the homeowners adjacent living room.  Using a palette of precast concrete pavers, high quality artificial turf, decomposed granite and poured in place concrete, we took this medium sized yard and carved out a series of distinctive spaces.  Fit for entertaining, relaxing in the hot tub, roasting marshmallows in the fire pit, kicking the soccer ball and lounging next to the new water feature.  We couldn’t be happier that this vibrant family is making MANY new memories in their new backyard.

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Creating The Outdoor Room

Implementing customized concrete paving patterns to mimic the look of a wooden floor is one of many design features use in transforming an ordinary suburban backyard into an outdoor “room” perfect for entertaining.

IMG_2943 IMG_2941

The dramatic “before and after” photographs of this project can be seen on our project page here.

Gamble Garden Tour

We are proud to announce that Boxleaf Design will be featured on the upcoming Spring Gamble Garden Tour in Palo Alto, CA. Registered as a national historic landmark, this gorgeous 1905 craftsman home was completely re-landscaped in conjunction with major renovations of the interior.  The landscape was re-imagined to compliment the historic era of the home, with the needs of a modern and young family.  Mature plantings were installed to give the “new landscape” a sense of history.  Weave under the low hanging branches of a Dogwood tree, transition to the private entertaining space under an arbor of Murcott tangerine trees, meander through a lush shady walkway and kick back on the new brick terrace, equipped with a working outdoor fireplace.  Our new landscape is punctuated by hidden accents and surprises;  maximizing the potential of every nook and cranny.


05-SM 09-SM

Jingle & Mingle

This years submission to the Jingle & Mingle charity event is called “Cracks and Crevices”. In collaboration with Concreteworks, this wreath is made of eco-friendly GFRC- Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Tillandsias (aka air plants) and a variety of succulents emerging from the tufted concrete surface. This is a living sculpture, and as the seasons change each plant is easily interchangeable. Thank you to all of the designers who participated in this year’s Jingle & Mingle event. As always, it was a fun experience for a great cause.

Hardscaping Progress at Waterfront Residence

We have been working hard at this tranquil waterfront home on an installation that will take full advantage of its sea side location.  These photos were taken during hardscape installation, the first step before we can start planting.

The “sail” inspired layout gently mitigates the dropping grade from the house to the water.


Here you see full range color, natural cleft bluestone laid in two different patterns.  The upper “dining terrace” is laid in an ashlar pattern.

The lower walkway and waterside terrace are laid in a completely unique deck-board inspired pattern.  Something we have never seen done before!

Using narrow strips of like-colored bluestone, we have taken inspiration from the patterning of traditionally used wood docks and created an updated, upscale “modern deck”.  These photos were taken during our initial layout.  There is no mortar below or grout between the stones yet, but the pattern is taking shape.


This project is moving quickly, so stay tuned for more progress shots soon…


Welcome To Boxleaf!

Welcome to Boxleaf Design. Everyone lives in landscapes full of colors, textures, and materials, and we are excited to share with you our work and hope it will also inspire you to push the limits of what your landscape environment can be.